11-03-2024 12:00

SKEW offers a variety of JIG Systems suitable for assembling Mesh and Panels.

Our Table Setups and Bench Setups can be equipped with grips arranged in perfect perpendicular patterns. 
We provide colored markers for accurately placing the correct reinforcement at the designated location. Once set, the JIGs ensure a quick and efficient assembly process. Moreover, your reinforcement cages will be fixed in form, maintaining the proper dimensions.
SKEW provides a range of solutions for reinforcement gripping, accommodating various spacings and diameter ranges. In addition, we offer grips designed specifically for double bars or splice areas. To ensure we offer the most suitable solution for your needs, we invite you to share your project drawings with us.
By splitting the total assembly procedure into a small production line, the tasks can be divided easily. All panels and cages can be prefabricated as a subcomponent. Utilizing the strength of the JIG System, the panels are accurate and will fit together seamlessly.
The relatively smaller workstations are capable of handling large workloads. The panels and cages can be merged either in a mold, form or on a specially designated production area.
The Bench JIG System provides an efficient solution for creating mesh and L-mesh. When combined, these mesh types result in the formation of a Box reinforcement cage. This method highlights a practical approach to reinforcement cage construction.
The JIG parts of both the Bench JIG System and the Table JIG System are interchangeable between the setups. Moreover, sections of the JIG can be either removed or combined from one JIG System to another, offering a versatile solution for the assembly requirements.
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