SKEW JIG Bench Packages

SKEW offers a variety of JIG Packages based on the JIG Bench Setup, one of the most versatile of the various JIG Setups. These packages allow you to optimally benefit from the modular character of the JIG System.
With one Package an array of different Setups can be assembled, parts can be re-arranged to find the ideal solution for fast and effective reinforcement assembly. Whether you require a larger working surface for mesh type elements or a longer setup for beams or columns, the well-balanced packages allow you to tailor your workstation within minutes.
All JIG Packages include uprights of a height of 30cm (range 0-30cm) and 70cm (range 30-70cm) to always achieve the right ergonomic working height for your projects.
If you are you looking to get started with the SKEW JIG System, the JIG Bench Packages offer an excellent starting point.
Do you have specific needs? All SKEW JIG Bench Packages can be customized to meet all your requirements.

SKEW JIG Bench Package 6.0m

This Package is designed around the 6.0m Setup. Extra parts make this a balanced package to assemble small to medium sized reinforcement cages. The setups can be rebuild within minutes to change your workstation to fit the rebar element.


SKEW JIG Bench Package 8.4m

With a 8.4m Setup lenght this Package is suitable for beams and columns. The setups can be re-arranged into a wide selection of setups.



SKEW JIG Bench Package 12.0m

For Beams and Columns up to 12m, This Bench Package is a perfect starting point. There are sufficient parts to split the setup into two setups to accommodate assembly solutions for multiple projects simultaneously. All parts combined provide a large assembly platform for large reinforcement elements.


SKEW JIG Bench Package 14.4m

The 14.4m Bench Package gives all advantaged of the other three packages. The substantial part list offers an infinitive range of setup build-up options. There are sufficient components to set up multiple workstations in your factory. Whether it is for day to day assembly or a larger project, this setup will allow you choose the proper setup(s) with minimal restrictions.


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