Design on demand



Through years of experience with companies in the rebar industry, we know that our customers have different requirements and needs to optimize their production methods. Although we have built a very wide and varied portfolio of JIG designs it’s still possible that you couldn’t find the most suitable solution for your company. Therefore, we offer customized solutions.
New Customers
Customers can benefit from SKEW’s service and know-how to ensure they achieve the very best results in the production of prefabricated reinforcements. SKEW’s experts analyse the customer’s technical drawings to recommend the most effective solutions and to break the workflow down into smaller steps. This close collaboration guarantees optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
Existing customers 
It is always possible that changes occur within your company, for which you could need a new solution. Together we will identify the best solution for your new situation. Because of its flexibility, any existing SKEW JIG System can easily be adapted and extended to enable the production of differently sized elements. Customers are encouraged to submit their technical drawings so that our experts can advise on the suitable JIG Setup for each specific project. 
From reinforcement drawings to a tailored Jiggelo Setup:
  1. You can send us your drawings of elements for which you want an assembly solution.
  2. Our experts will study the drawings and will make a 3D drawing of it.
  3. Our experts will design a solution best suited for the elements you’ve send drawings of and they will send you an offer.

Step by step assembly of a precast column with several consoles:
Step by Step Assembly Example