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Due to the summer holidays SKEW is closed from August 2nd until August 22nd. During this period we will not be able to process your information request. Emails will be answered upon our return the 23rd of August.

SKEW supplies Assembly Solutions for different types of reinforcement elements.

These Elements are grouped in Typical Reinforcement Elements, Structural (Precast) Elements, Infra Structure (Precast) Elements.

Please select the elements from the list below to receive more detailed information of suitable SKEW JIG Setups for these particilar reinforcement elements and cages by email.

To receive a solution based on your reinforcement drawing, please use the contact page to upload your information. Based on this info SKEW can suggest the approprate JIG Solution.

Typical Reinforcement Elements:


Structural (Precast) Elements


Infra Structure (Precast) Elements



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