Jiggelo Economic Package

For companies who manufacture one or more types of concrete elements, we’d recommend the Jiggelo Economic (Starters) package. This package will provide solutions for the assembly of many types of elements: small to medium sized. The package contains several Jiggelo parts to build and rebuild the best suitable jig for each project.

Although the Starter Package may require a small set-up time (rebuild time) between some projects, the assembly process itself is likely to go much faster. If you expand your production variety in the future; the Jiggelo can be easily extended to meet your demands. It’s also possible to turn your economic package into a complete package which will reduce the set-up time between each work order, because no rebuilding time is needed.

SKEW can assist with the extension of this package or bespoke Jiggelo workstations at any time.

Reduce production time, improve ergonomics, improve product quality, reduce failure costs and tackle assembly problems for many years with this package.