Jiggelo Complete Package

When you are manufacturing a lot of different types of elements in all kinds of shapes and sizes, the Jiggelo complete package will be the best solution for you .The Jiggelo complete package combines the modules for several Jiggelo models that can be joined together, split or moved to suit daily needs of rebar fabrication. The complete package includes a 12m Jiggelo Bench Model and is 2.4m wide, thus enabling most reinforcement elements to be manufactured with this package.

Whether you are a precaster manufacturing core cages, prefabricating foundation cages or any other kind of element , this package can handle it all! All Jiggelo models in this package can also be purchased individually as required. In comparison to the economic package there is no need to rebuild the Jiggelo between each order. Just a very small set-up time will do.

Reduce set-up time and production time, improve ergonomics, improve product quality, reduce failure costs and tackle assembly problems for many years with this package.