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We provide a range of products that make rebar assembly easy, methodical and accurate.

The key product is the Jiggelo reinforcement assembly system which improves the speed and ergonomics of your assembly activities. image
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Assembly Solutions
The SKEW engineering team provides tailor-made solutions for many types of reinforcement elements. Here are just some examples of the foundation elements, structural elements and infrastructure elements for which we can design a Jiggelo reinforcement assembly system.
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Design on demand
Through years of experience in the rebar industry, our experts are specialized in bringing reinforcement assembly solutions.

Design on demand


Due to the summer holidays our company is closed from August 1st until August 16th.

During this period we will not be able to process your calls or emails.

Emails will be answered upon our return the 17th of August.


SKEW wishes you a wonderful summer holiday!

SKEW is proud to join the National Precast Concrete Association as a new Associate Member.
With our system translated into inches in 2018 we have been slowly introducing the product onto the United States market.
Through the NPCA membership SKEW aims to increase its presence in the United States and further develop and expand its assembly solutions for precasters.
Using our knowledge and experience in other parts of the world we aspire to combine forces with the American Precast Community.
SKEW has updated systems specifically for the U.S. Market. 
Examples include setups for (prestressed) Beam Elements, Box Culverts, Boxes, Barriers, Foundation Elements and Slabs.

New Solutions for panels and tailored mesh!

Due to an increasing amount of requests concerning tailored mesh panels or bespoke mesh manufacturing in recent years, SKEW has been working on improved solutions for manual mesh welding lately.

Oftentimes the manual assembly of panels is actually faster and more cost effective than working with tailored, machine-manufactured mesh with later added rebar. We also see a reduction in the material used and a smaller manufacturing or stocking area when manufacturing manually.

By looking at shapes of reinforcement in more detail, loose bars regularly seem to give more options to optimize reinforcement.

These customer requests have now led to a larger digital library of Customizable Assembly Setups. A few examples of these can be found here. Based on typical reinforcement configurations, SKEW can quickly generate offers and part lists for your purposes.

These Setups are again easily customized to suit your specific needs, resulting in a high flexibility when working on the System.


Jiggelo Retaining Wall Solutions

SKEW has recently updated the Website with a section on Retaining Walls.

The Jiggelo System accommodates the ever changing production of Retaining Walls of sizes small to large.

The system is quickly adjusted for varying dimensions and configurations.

Typically the Jiggelo Beam Setup or the Jiggelo Floor Setup are used for these type of elements.

A recurring request has led to a new standard items in our product range: The Frame Profile 0.9m and the Leg 0.9m. 
We can therefore offer more Jiggelo Bench Setup possibilities for wider purposes.
Jiggelo can also be placed on Wheels for more mobile use.
Click here to see more Jiggelo height and Width options for more ergonomic use.

In 2019 SKEW will be attending at least two major exhibitions.

The first is the Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany. We welcome you on our stand C3.125 in Hall C3. The Bauma exhibition will be held from 08-04-2019 to 14-04-2019.

The second exhibition will be the Matexpo in Kortrijk, Belgium. Our stand number is 137. We hope to meet you there on 11-09-2019 to 15-09-2019

On Both occasions our Jiggelo - Reinforcement Assembly System will be presented together will or latest developments and applications.

Jiggelo System for Knife River Corporation, Oregon United States proven successful! Last year the Jiggelo System has been redeveloped for the United States. Each component has been translated from millimeters to inches, making the Jiggelo System compatible with U.S. standards. The Reinforcement Assembly System has currently been implemented by a number of U.S. companies.

One of the first Imperial Jiggelo Setups is currently in use by Knife River Prestress. Knive River (Harrisburg, Oregon) offers a wide variety of #precast and #prestressed #concrete products. Knife river is currently using a 60 feet (18+ meters) long Jiggelo Bench Model. This turns out the longest Jiggelo Bench being used worldwide!

Mr. Loren Later, Vice president of Knife River, mentioned the Jiggelo System has increased their manufacturing speed and production quality. Mr. Later stated the company experienced a significant #labor savings as well. SKEW is delighted to be a part of the reinforcement manufacturing process of Knife River!

SKEW offers a handy welding arm to improve your cage welding area! This convenient telescopic welding arm can cover a large working area. Welding with the Welding Arm will be easier and faster.

The Welding Arm is a good addition to an ergonomic work environment.

Click here for the product details


Beginning 2018 SKEW will be attending two Precast exhibitions. The first is the in Olso during the yearly convention of the Concrete association for Norway.
The second exhibition will be the BetonTage (Concrete days) in Ulm ,Germany. SKEW will be presenting the Jiggelo System on both occasions.

We are excited to announce that the Jiggelo – Reinforcement Assembly System is ready for the US. 
The Jiggelo System is now available in both imperial and metric measurements.

SKEW is the worldwide market leader in providing solutions for the manual assembly of reinforcement.
Many reinforcement suppliers and steel traders have started using our products with great success.
We are therefore thrilled to start providing rebar solutions in the US.

With 4 feet frame parts and the 1 inch grid, the system is compatible with U.S. reinforcement standards.
Our engineers made the system as flexible as the metric version, with some additional improvements! 

More info

Take a look at our latest youtube video about the assembly of barrier elements.

With our last sales in Latvia and Ukraine, we sold jiggelo in 37 different countries throughout the world. Take a look at  the countries below or take a look at our customer base here.

After months of preparation and many hours of hard work, we are proud to present our new website!

The SKEW website has been completely renewed!  Next to a brand new and improved design it is much more user-friendly than our previous website. Learn about our products and the assembly solutions we provide or take a look at the many other content at this website. For questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at


Our iron workers are very happy with the system. It saves a significant amount of time in set up and helps hold rebar in place much better than the jigs we used previously. Jiggelo saves us considarable time and effort and it results in a better quality cage.
Loren Later - Vice President
Knife River Prestress - Harrisburg, USA
The Jiggelo system provides Smith-Midland increased accuracy and quality, decreased lead times, and a safer work environment. With mobility and flexibility at the top of product design, the Jiggelo offers quick changeovers to meet varying customer demands. The efficiencies delivered by the system have translated to a positive impact on the bottom line.
AJ Krick - Chief Financial Officer
Smith-Midland Corp. - Midland, USA
Thanks to the Jiggelo we can deliver a high quality product to our customers, very user friendly with high efficiency.
Dietert Vanhautte – Production Manager
Groep Huyzentruyt – Beveren-Leie, Belgium
Jiggelo is efficient for making various prefabricated cages, and also a time-saver!
Maikel van Geenen – Owner
IJzervlechtbedrijf van Geenen – Oss, The Netherlands
With Jiggelo we are able work effectively with our ever changing production
Gunther Helert, Owner
Jysk Armering Aps – Herning, Denmark
The Guys from SKEW understand us and always think from our point of view - with Jiggelo we are able to manufacture our Box Culverts fast and accurate
Antal Mészáros - Chief Executive
Csomiep – Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
Jiggelo: Makes our work easy and accurate.
Christian Berland - Production Manager
NOBI – Herdla, Norway
With the Jiggelo System I can quickly anticipate to the unpredictable production, therefore I can be flexible and react fast for my customers.
Claudius Hamann - Sales Manager
Celsa Stel Service AS - Oslo, Norway
With Jiggelo we can manage a steady, flexible and high quality production line within our organization
Glenn Egberts – Planner
Orion Beton BV, Enschede, The Netherlands
Since we use Jiggelo we reduced waste significantly and saved a lot of money on man-hours. Jiggelo seems like a big investment, but in reality the investment is paying itself back on a daily basis.
Dmytro Rosseiskov - Director
Jiggelo works perfect for our Jersey Barriers.
Mirco Cossalter - Director
Eurobeton S.R.L. - Salorno, Italy
Jiggelo has become indispensable for our prefabricated reinforcement elements.
Terry Rollenberg - Owner
Ed Rollenberg & Zn. BV - Zaandam , Netherlands
Jiggelo makes prefab rebar assembly very easy and accurate. We are very happy with this quick change modular system.
Roy Voogt - Managing Director
Betonstaal Curaçao B.V. - Willemstad, Curaçao
We are using the Jiggelo System on a daily base and we are very pleased with the function of it.
David Audemard - Production Manager
Legalett - Alvängen, Sweden
Together with Jiggelo we are able to enrich our portfolio.
This allows us to provide a full package - special welded products in combination with BAMTEC- to our customers!
Christian Brädler – Director
Bravera – Kaiserstuhl, Switzerland

Companies that are using SKEW Reinforcement Assembly solutions: