We provide a range of products that make rebar assembly easy, methodical and accurate.

The key product is the Jiggelo reinforcement assembly system which improves the speed and ergonomics of your assembly activities. image
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Assembly Solutions
The SKEW engineering team provides tailor-made solutions for many types of reinforcement elements. Here are just some examples of the foundation elements, structural elements and infrastructure elements for which we can design a Jiggelo reinforcement assembly system.
More Assembly Solutions
Design on demand
Through years of experience in the rebar industry, our experts are specialized in bringing reinforcement assembly solutions.

Design on demand


With our last sales in Latvia and Ukraine, we sold jiggelo in 37 different countries throughout the world. Take a look at  the countries below or take a look at our customer base here.

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Together with Jiggelo we are able to enrich our portfolio.
This allows us to provide a full package - special welded products in combination with BAMTEC- to our customers!
Claudius Hamann - Sales Manager
Celsa Stel Service AS - Oslo, Norway
Jiggelo is efficient for making various prefabricated cages, and also a time-saver!
Maikel van Geenen – Owner
IJzervlechtbedrijf van Geenen – Oss, The Netherlands
With Jiggelo we are able work effectively with our ever changing production
Gunther Helert, Owner
Jysk Armering Aps – Herning, Denmark
The Guys from SKEW understand us and always think from our point of view - with Jiggelo we are able to manufacture our Box Culverts fast and accurate
Antal Mészáros - Chief Executive
Csomiep – Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
Jiggelo: Makes our work easy and accurate.
Christian Berland - Production Manager
NOBI – Herdla, Norway
Thanks to the Jiggelo we can deliver a high quality product to our customers, very user friendly with high efficiency.
Dietert Vanhautte – Production Manager
Groep Huyzentruyt – Beveren-Leie, Belgium
With the Jiggelo System I can quickly anticipate to the unpredictable production, therefore I can be flexible and react fast for my customers.
Christian Brädler – Director
Bravera – Kaiserstuhl, Switzerland
With Jiggelo we can manage a steady, flexible and high quality production line within our organization
Glenn Egberts – Planner
Orion Beton BV, Enschede, The Netherlands
Since we use Jiggelo we reduced waste significantly and saved a lot of money on man-hours. Jiggelo seems like a big investment, but in reality the investment is paying itself back on a daily basis.
Dmytro Rosseiskov - Director
Jiggelo works perfect for our Jersey Barriers.
Mirco Cossalter - Director
Eurobeton S.R.L. - Salorno, Italy

Companies that are using SKEW Reinforcement Assembly solutions: